The first Prestige Raid for "Destiny 2" went live on Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. PST and the raid was won in just one hour. The win came from Clan Redeem (Gladd, Senior Snubby, I Indica I, Ehroaar, Modern Tryhard, and Sweatcicle). The total time to win the raid was just one hour, six minutes.

Clan Redeem and 'Destiny 2'

This is the same team that also won the original "Destiny" video game's "Wrath of the Machine" raid before anyone else could win the game.

They also hold the fastest times of anyone for a number of other events.

There is now a new full guide that just hit YouTube and Twitch that leads gamers through the Prestige Leviathan - Gauntlet on "Destiny 2."

Leviathan - Gauntlet difficulty levels

The Leviathan Prestige Raid hit today and Bungie revealed that this is a much more challenging raid for "Destiny 2" players. According to Bungie, they warned players that not everyone will complete this raid successfully and they expect it to be a challenge for the best of the players.

When talking about the difference, Bungie would not reveal what is different about it but there are mechanical changes. Early reports say there will be eight dogs instead of six and there is the additional Psion to kill in this Gauntlet.

What this comes down to is a "more punishing sandbox."

The original "Destiny 2" Leviathan raid went live in September and the new update still retains a token system for players who are able to make their way through the Leviathan Prestige Raid - Gauntlet. There is also unique rewards to help players "shine" instead of to boon their progression.

Leviathan - Gauntlet raid guide

The idea presented in the "Destiny 2" Prestige Leviathan - Gantlet is that teams will play the regular gauntlet with the exception that everyone has to run, with more Psions during each run, and they use three balls in the final run rather than using four. Here is a look at the guide.

Three "Destiny 2" members of the team will need to pre-plan ahead of time how they will deal with the three balls.

With six players, three will skip the odds and three will skip the evens to make sure that they can all have three apiece. It is also good to have someone hang out by the elevator to help pick off enemies to help others.

Watch the video above to see the "Destiny 2" Prestige Raid - Gauntlets full guide. This is a great chance to see teamwork in action and see how the best of teams can beat even the most difficult "Destiny 2" raid battles.