Hello Games released a new update for “No Man's Sky.” It is the patch 1.38, which overhauls the game's save system. It also brings tons of bug fixes to the game, as well as several improvements. Hello Games have been receiving a lot of positive feedbacks because of their continuous work on improving “No Man's Sky.” The patch 1.38 is now available on PC and PS4.

Save system overhaul and other features

One of the main highlights in the latest update is the save system overhaul. According to Hello Games, Players are now able to use 5 save-game slots.

Each slot can be used for any game mode. Selecting an empty slot will send players to the mode selection screen to start a new game.

Hello Games also added two sub-slots for each saves. The first sub-slot is for the automatic saves, which can be triggered when exiting a ship, dying and claiming a base. The other sub-slot is for the manual saves, which can be done by interacting to save points. Aside from the save system overhaul, the patch 1.38 also added a lot of new features in the game. First is the improved mouse sensitivity while navigating in the galactic map.

The update also adds several UI and audio improvements. The Analysis Visor can now be used to scan farm plants and ships. It can also be used to see the distance of resources that were discovered in the Scanner.

An error message is also added in the economy scanner when it fails to detect an outpost. The update also added a hazard protection on trade outposts. The patch 1.38 also brings improvements on several NPCs in the game. The update also allows players to rebind the discard key.

Bug fixes

There are a lot of bug fixes in the patch 1.38.

First is the issue where delivery missions continuously ask players to visit another system. The issue where mission requirements can change if a player talks to an NPC is also fixed. The update also fixed the improper behavior of the terrain manipulator. The Upload All button that is not deactivating after being used is also fixed.

The bug where players can fall on the trading post platform after exiting the ship is also fixed. Traders that attacks pirates even at a far range is also fixed.

The patch 1.38 also changed several labels on a plant's weather. The patch also fixed several issues on mining units. The blue eye icon that appears near the crosshair is also removed. The update also repaired the issue in the Space Anomaly mission, where players cannot see the objectives in the log.