It seems like the “Call of Duty: WW2” developers wants to bring back the lost fan base of the older versions of Cod games. According to a report by GameRant, Sledgehammer Games and Activision recently announced that the Season Pass holders of “Call of Duty: WW2” will get a classic Bonus Map called Carentan. The bonus map was first featured in the original CoD game.

Bonus map

Veteran CoD players should be familiar with the bonus map. The war-torn French village Carentan was last seen in the game series over a decade ago in 2005. It was one of the multiplayer maps of “Call of Duty 2,” which is the first CoD franchise playable on Xbox 360.

The map also appeared on “CoD: United Offensive.”

The Carentan map features similar architecture and environment as one might see in the film like “Saving Private Ryan.” The Carentan multiplayer map is only accessible for players who purchased a Season Pass, but is buying a Season Pass really worth it? According to GottaBeMobile, “Call of Duty: WW2” Season Pass holders have several advantages.

Advantages of Season Pass holders

Season Pass holders can access all of the upcoming “Call of Duty: WW2” DLC expansion packs that will be released next year. The game expansion will include new maps, chapters, game modes, and exciting missions. The Season Pass costs $49.99. But if the expansion packs will be bought individually, it will cost $14.99 each.

There will be four expansion packs launched next year. The first will be launched in January (PlayStation 4) and March (Xbox One & PC). The second will be on April (PlayStation 4) and May (Xbox One & PC). The third is in July (PlayStation 4) and August (Xbox One & PC). The last one will be on September (PlayStation 4) and October (Xbox One & PC).

Pre-order bonuses

“Call of Duty: WW2” is already available for pre-orders. Players who pre-ordered the game will receive bonus rewards and privileges, such as Multiplayer Upgrade, double exp, and CoD points. The Multiplayer Upgrade will allow players to unlock one selected weapon permanently without even leveling up. The double exp will only last for four hours, and players can use this to level up faster to unlock stronger weapons.

The “Call of Duty” points will be worth 1,100 and it is usable on the supply Drop mode.

“Call of Duty” fans are excited about the upcoming game. In fact, its beta version has been well accepted and had 65,000 concurrent players around the world. The only thing that is bothering the fans is that cheats might exist in the full version of the game because it also existed in the beta version.