Nis America President Takuro Yamashita recently gave his apology in regards to the low quality localization of “Ys Viii: Lacrimosa of Dana.” He also gave a promise to fix the issue right away. It was recently launched on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita with an upcoming PC version soon.

The PC port will also get support from an interesting individual behind several mods and an awesome PC downsampling tool. Peter “Durante” Thoman will be joining the development team to assist with the PC version.

NISA President apologizes

Yamashita recently released a statement in regards to the bad feedback of the localization of their video game.

He thanked the fans first for their reactions and support that the company received since the game’s launch, but he also took notice of the low standard of its localization. He apologized for this issue, which should have not happened since the game is one of the best titles that they have developed.

NISA takes action

As of now, the game company is already investigating the problem and its cause. They will be implementing different steps in order to prevent this kind of error from happening again.

For “Ys VIII,” Yamashita revealed that the game company will be enlisting a new translator and editor to go over the entire localization script. They will fix typos, inconsistencies, grammatical errors, and make a new look at characterizations and dialogue.

They will also translate and edit the script again if necessary, and they will also update the voicework.

The president promised that all of these work will be done by the end of November. They will launch a localization update and it will be free of charge for the PS4 and the PS Vita. The Steam version will have the latest localization installed already.

New professional to join PC development team

In other “Ys VIII” related news, Thoman will be joining the development team that is currently handling its PC version. He will be helping them with several aspects of the PC version like the GPU performance improvements, improving and regulating framerate by developing a new system, and some improvements for performance.

They also took some feedback from him in regards to the shadow rendering issue that they are currently checking out.

With Thoman’s help, the PC version has gained some significant improvements in terms of performance. They will still need a lot of time before they can release it due to a lot of issues that the internal QA Team and Beta testers have revealed. They thanked the fans for their unending support, and they are hopeful that their PC fans can be patient for their version’s release.

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