Death Stranding” is still a few years away from its official public launching, but the gaming community has already been anticipating to play the action video game on PS4 since its initial debut at E3 in 2016. Why? It’s quite simple. It is a Hideo Kojima title.

Apparently, Kojima was critically acclaimed for his works on the “Metal Gear Solid” (MGS) series, with five entries spanning almost two decades. The last entry titled “The Phantom Pain” gained multiple accolades including The Game Award for Best Action-Adventure.

Lack of new updates

The game producer departed from Konami after the release of the fifth and last MGS game.

Following his controversial exit from the company, fans were looking forward what’s coming next from Kojima Productions.

Then, “Death Stranding” was announced as a PS4 exclusive title in the works at E3 2016. Everyone was excited to see the reveal trailer starring famous Hollywood actors Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and award-winning director Guillermo Del Toro get involved in the project.

Unfortunately, after its debut, the game skipped this year’s trade show when all players anticipated seeing another teaser from Kojima and got disappointed. There is not much to hear about the game this year aside from snippets of information from Kojima himself on his official Twitter account.

Kojima writing the script

Last week, the game creator tweeted an update regarding the development of the mysterious project. The first post included a photo that was captured from his own workstation. Based on the tweet, Kojima shared how he might not be able to visit that beautiful mountain shown on his computer screen, but he gets to see it every day.

He then added he was writing the game’s script.

While there is not much information from his post, fans expressed their excitement. It somehow hinted that the game is definitely making a smooth and continuous progress. Perhaps it also indicates that the studio will be ready to show off some more of the gameplay in an all-new trailer before the year ends.

The closest guess is at the PlayStation Experience (PSX) 2017 in December.

Additional tidbits

Moreover, the motion capture is happening soon as well that would amplify the realism of the upcoming title, Gaming Bolt noted. Fans already saw how the studio was able to digitally recreate the performances of Reedus, Mikkelsen, and del Toro in the game's early build. The game does not have an exact release date as of yet. However, the publication interestingly pointed out that the game producer hinted that his next masterpiece would likely arrive on PS4 sometime in 2018.

Back at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2016, Kojima said that it would be launched before 2020, prior to the year that “Akira” hits theaters. Notably, the Warner Bros. film is slated for 2019 debut, and this clue suggests that “Death Stranding” will likely be available on PS4 in 2018.