Nintendo is one of the most long-standing gaming companies that provide fans with quality products. They’ve recently released their latest console, the Nintendo Switch, and continue to shell out new Games for it. The company is now even expanding their horizons by allowing more adult-themed games on their hardware. That said, one thing Nintendo doesn’t want to do is make any political statements in their game.

Games for fun

According to, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Amie was recently interviewed by CBC’s national, a Canadian news show.

There, he claimed that Nintendo doesn’t want to put any political statements in their projects. “Making political statements are for other people to do,” he claimed.“We want people to smile and have fun when they play our games.” That said, it seems like the company wants to continue their ongoing plans and not delve into any political debates.

In a time where some developers like to take a stand in politics, Nintendo has decided to stay in neutral territory. It’s also a great position on their end as it allows everyone to enjoy their games without any hidden bias or agenda in the story.

More ‘adult’ titles

On a different note, Nintendo is expanding their library as they want more mature games on their system.

According to Digital Trends, the company is now a bit more open-minded when it comes to the content on their system. They’re apparently trying to encourage developers to provide more graphic content on the Nintendo Switch. That said, Nintendo isn’t abandoning its family-friendly image as most of their games are still open for everyone to play.

However, it doesn’t seem like they’re loosening up their restrictions for third-party developers.

Nintendo has some tough competition when it comes to Sony and Microsoft, even with their own IPs like “Mario” and “Zelda.” The two said companies are catered towards more mature audiences, hence their games like “Halo,” “Uncharted,” "Horizon Zero Dawn,” and “The Last of Us.” It’ll be interesting to see what kind of future games will be on the Nintendo Switch, especially now that Nintendo is finally open for more adult-themed content.

The hybrid console will already be getting some mature titles later this year like ”Skyrim” and “L.A. Noire.” It will also be getting “Wolfenstein 2: The Last Order” and “DOOM” sometime in the near future. There’s a chance that the Switch might be able to get more similar games in the near future, albeit with a graphical downgrade. Nintendo’s latest console has been doing quite well and has even succeeded itis failed predecessor, the Wii U.