Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle” has become one of the most successful games on the Nintendo Switch since it launched two months ago. Despite the initial negative reception, many fans grew to love the game for its intense combat and lovable characters. One character, Rabbid Peach, has won over the hearts of netizens with her sassy attitude. That said, she’s even gotten her own accolade trailer because of her popularity.

Praising Rabbid Peach

According to My Nintendo News, Ubisoft continues to support the game via trailers. This time, they’ve released an accolade trailer for the game with the spotlight on Rabbid Peach.

This short clip grabs various quotes from netizens on social media that praise the selfie-loving Rabbid. Moreover, all these quotes are real as Ubisoft has personally collected them from their social media accounts.

Fittingly enough, Rabbid Peach is a vain and sassy character who loves staying in the spotlight. She takes various selfies throughout her journey with her personal pink phone. Before the game even launched, Ubisoft launched her own official social media account where she uploads her pictures. Gameplay wise, Rabbid Peach is no pushover as she wields a blaster that has either the push or honey debuff skill. As for her secondary weapon, the Rabbid uses a sentry that seeks out foes and deals a large amount of damage in a certain radius.

Rabbid Peach is also the only character with a personal healing skill that is extremely useful during tight situations.

Interesting spin on Mario

“Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle” combines two iconic franchises for a strange, yet memorable adventure. Here, the Rabbids are sucked into Mario’s world, effectively destroying the Mushroom Kingdom and the areas around it.

Mario teams up with his newfound Rabbid friends to take matters into their own hands and fix the Mushroom Kingdom.

Gameplay wise, the game plays similar to a “XCOM” game. Characters use guns and fight by shooting enemies across the field, usually behind cover. Despite its simplistic controls, there is a lot of depth behind combat as you’ll have to make use out of everyone’s skills to win matches.

Each character has their own ability that can either damage foes or buff their allies. Playable characters include Mario, Rabbid Mario, Luigi, Rabbid Luigi, Peach, Rabbid Peach, Yoshi, and Rabbid Yoshi. Those who have already finished the campaign can take on multiplayer missions with friends or wait for the upcoming DLC. While the details are scarce, the “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle” DLC will expand the game’s plot and include new maps.