“BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle” seems to be Arc System Works biggest crossover game yet, with characters spanning across different franchises. So far, the roster includes playable fighters like Ragna from Bloodedge from “BlazBlue,” Ruby Rose from “RWBY,” and Yu Narukami from “Persona 4.” Just recently, they also announced Rachel and Hazama from “BlazBlue” and Weiss Schnee from “RWBY” as characters in the game. That said, Arc System Works might still add more fighters in “BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.” Here are some iconic personalities they should add to the game.

‘Persona 5’ Protagonist

The “Persona” franchise has become one of the biggest titles this year thanks to its fifth game. Since Yu Narukami is already a playable character, it would only make sense for Arc System Works to include the protagonist of the fifth game. The developers have a lot to work with if they decide to put him in the Fighting Game since he does a lot of stunts and flashy moves in his original game. His Persona, Arsene, would also play a big part in his fighting style.

Yang Xiao Long

Yang is Ruby’s older sister and one of the main protagonists in “RWBY.” Seeing as how she fights with her fists, Yang would make a perfect playable character in “BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.” Since she’s quite fast in the web series, her move set would probably revolve around fast punches and mid-range projectiles.

That said, it’d be fitting is she was also one of the more complex characters in the game because of her technical move set. Seeing as how Yang is already popular among fans, there’s a good chance we’ll see her in the game quite soon.

Celica Mercury

While Celica is one of the newer characters in “BlazBlue,” she has a major role in both the fighting and visual novel games.

Since she already has a base model, it wouldn’t be too difficult for Arc System Works to make her a playable character in the crossover fighting game. She made her debut as a fighter in “BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend” and uses a machine called Minerva in battle. She’s a relatively beginner-friendly fighter to use, hence why she’d also make a perfect character in the upcoming title.

Makoto Niijima

Another character from “Persona 5,” Makoto Niijima acts as the strategian and getaway driver of the Phantom Thieves. She’s also skilled in Aikido and fights shadows with her fists, making her a great candidate as a playable character. Her playstyle would probably revolve around her Persona, Johanna, along with some physical attacks.