The latest updates for "Destiny 2" revealed that Bungie would not add the "Prison of Elders" game mode to the sequel. The "Prison of Elders" is a horde-like, three-player co-op arena mode that was featured in the first game's DLC expansion, "House of Wolves." The game mode places heavy emphasis on skill and ground-based combat, but it was criticized for its below-standard loot quality, difficult boss battles, and poor battle format.

The game developers also talked about the sequel's story mode ending and how the fans were disappointed about the outcome of it.

No Prison of Elders

According to Bungie community manager Cosmo, the game developers have no plans to add "Prison of ELders" in "Destiny 2" after several data miners claimed that they discovered data files related to the game mode. Cosmo confirmed that the leaked data files are "leftover" bits that were not included in the sequel's development plans.

Video game fans were hoping that Bungie will add the popular game mode in "Destiny 2" as a way to challenge themselves since the game publisher will introduce new features and gimmicks for the Leviathon Raids.

The upcoming challenge modes include "Royal Pools," "Pleasure Gardens," "Gauntlet," and "Calus." Completing the challenges will allow players to unlock new emblems to increase their notoriety and status.

Players will also receive new loots, weapons, and gears when they complete the challenges.

Bungie on the sequel's ending

It seems that Bungie will address some changes into "Destiny 2's" story mode as "Destiny" fans were not happy with how the story ended in the game. The developers told Gamerant that they are diligently looking for new solutions in order to improve the franchise's rich lore, especially on their upcoming expansions.

"Right now, these discussions are also happening in our studio. We are listening, but need time to digest everything and draw out the best plans for the future," Bungie said. "We will have a say on this soon."

The game publisher made it clear that they will do their best to give the video game fans the ending that they deserve and these improvements will be used to create new stories for the sequel's expansion plans.

PC users are also looking forward to "Destiny 2" on the PC platform as it is scheduled to launch on Oct. 24. The PC version will feature faster framerate and 4K support. There are also weekly Raid Challenges for the game that will let players build up their character's gear, weaponry, and ranking.