The "Need for Speed" franchise is one of the most famous open world racing games. Developed by Ghost Games, the new game is titled "Need for Speed Payback." The game is set to release on November 10, 2017 and the good news is that the game will be available for PlayStation 4, XBox One, and PC players. Ghost Games has continued to impress their fans and they will bring a new gaming experience with the upcoming racing game.

There is no doubt that "Need for Speed Payback" is going to be an action-packed thrilling experience. Unlike its predecessors, Ghost Games has introduced some new elements, which will keep players engaged from the start to the end.

Interesting game plot

Every "Need for Speed" game had an interesting plot. This time, it appears that the developers have opted for a different perspective. The story revolves around three different racers, who need to target a mysterious group called "The House."

Each racer will have their own unique style and their objectives involve taking down this group, called "The House." The drivers are Tyler Morgan, Sean McAlister, and Jessica Miller. Their mission is to battle throughout different locations by finding information on the cartel, which controls the criminals, casinos, and also the police.

The first character, Tyler Morgan, is a professional racer with an incredible style and Jessica Miller is an expert in chasing cars and escaping from tough situations.

Sean McAlister is an unpredictable racer with drifting skills and amazing off-road techniques.

Players will be allowed to switch between those three racers to complete the missions. The game is set in several locations like Fortune Valley, Mount Providence, Silver Canyon, Silver Rock City and Liberty Desert. Each location has its own obstacles and landmarks to follow.

Game file size

"Need for Speed Payback" was expected to have a large file size. Fortunately, the game will only consume around 17 GB of space on the hard drive. The game file size was revealed by the official Microsoft Store on the PlayStation Lifestyle website. That said, this brings good news for all the racing game lovers, especially the hardcore "Need for Speed" fans.

On the other hand, players will get to perform high-risk and exciting missions at top-speed. As for the signature "Need for Speed" trademark, the police will be after wanted players, giving them an extra thrill in the game.