Most of the football gaming fans have been in a dilemma as to which game should they choose when it comes to FIFA 18 and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2018. Both games have an excellent gaming experience, but they do have their differences. For all those who have been playing FIFA right from the start will probably continue with the latest version. However, PES 2018 has also brought some new features to enhance the gaming experience.

The latest version of PES is available for the XBox One, XBox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC players. The FIFA 18 is also available for the same consoles, which makes them equal.

According to GameSpot, PES has some issues with its licensing. The biggest drawback is that fan-made kit mods can be installed only by PS4 and PC owners.

PES gaming experience

The gaming experience for PES 2018 is satisfying. Players will observe responsive dribbling, gratifying shots, impressive passing and good overall performance during a match. The huge advantage is that the pitch is considered to be better than the FIFA 18. However, these things differ from the likes and dislikes of individual game lovers.

The master league has better enhancements along with a new layout for the menu making it easier for players to navigate They have also added an new way to play with the random selection mode.

The new challenge mode is also impressive as it gives players a surprise with unexpected scenarios.

FIFA's gaming experience

The advantage for FIFA is that it is popular, but they have also kept up to their standards over the past years. EA Sports has improved on their atmosphere, lighting and team-specific commentary. The aesthetic front for FIFA 18 is believed to be better that PES.

The characters and graphics are attractive and the overall experience has improved with accurate crosses and long shots.

On the other hand, FIFA 18 still has some issues with its unresponsive passes and dribbling skills. When compared with its rival, the presentation of the game is exceptional. It still has the Pro Clubs and superior career mode including every license worth acquiring.

Both games are diverse and good in their own way. It depends what each players priorities depend upon , some would want to have the classy experience and some would want something new. For those who are really looking into the pitch, the PES 2018 is the best option. For those who want the flashy exterior, then FIFA 18 would suit them best.