In “Middle-earth: Shadow of War,” Talion (main protagonist) is tasked to build an army that is capable of conquering the different Orc Forts across the lands of Mordor. In order to do that, he should “recruit” several capable enemy Orc Captains to his armies and gather enough Orc soldiers.

The problem starts when these captains are under leveled and the enemy war chiefs and overlords are way too over leveled. This will make sieges harder to do, and it will definitely kill a lot of your captains as a result. The worst-case scenario would be a losing siege and not being able to conquer it.

To overcome this glaring problem, players will need to grind their characters and level up their captains first. Here are my simple tips in leveling up your Orc Captains to their needed levels.

Pit fight matches

One of the best ways to level up captains is to let them fight a challenger in the pit fights. Players can command them to kill an opponent that could earn them experience. Be warned, they could die in these fights if they are way under leveled.

Players should match their captains with opponents that are either weak to their strengths or equally leveled. These fights are AI controlled, which means you do not have any control of them or you cannot intervene. You must be sure your fighter can topple their enemies, or you can just recruit the enemy if they win.

Ambushes, chases, supply raids

Another way to level up Orc Captains in “Middle-earth: Shadow of War” is to command them to kill enemy captains. Commanding them to do this usually results in three different missions, which are ambushes, chases, and supply raids. All of these missions can be intervened, which can be beneficial for your captains.

Ambushes allow your captains to ambush enemy captains doing something like Caragor hunts. They interrupt their rituals and attempt to kill them. Talion can help them in any way he can from trapping the opponent to killing the target on his own.

Chases are missions that let your captains taunt the enemy captains in chasing them around and survive the ordeal.

It is your job to kill the opponents before they reach your captain and get them killed. It is a rather humorous mission, but it is one way to level them up.

Supply raids are missions that allow your captains to steal or destroy supplies that the enemy captains are protecting. Again, the dark hero can help them with their missions in any way they can.

Attend a mission

Another method of leveling up your Orc Captain is to attend their missions that pop up on the regional map. These guys usually go for Caragor hunting, Graug hunting, killing captured enemy captains, and more. Your job is to let these missions get completed without getting your captains killed in the process.

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