Microsoft has released the Xbox One Fall Update on Oct. 16 with cool new features. This was released after a lot of testing from the insider team. Xbox One console owners can now personalize their Home Screen better with new options. Another feature also allows them to check on notifications anytime they want.

Console owners can easily transfer data from their old console to the upcoming Xbox One X with this new update. Lastly, they can also find and make their own interesting content with it.

Home personalization with new options

With the new update, console owners can now customize their own unique home screen.

They can add their favorite games, friends list, and more with a new concept called blocks. They can remove or change the order of the blocks.

Players also have the option to have 40 pins. These pins are available in the Pin block. They can also find this on the Pins flyout with the new Guide feature and customize the theme options in Settings.

Better version of the Guide

The new update Guide has become powerful, faster, and more convenient than the previous version. Players can gain faster access to the controls of the party or broadcast section with this new version. They can also find some Game invites in the Multiplayer tab of the Guide.

The Guide also has a new Tournaments section in the Multiplayer tab.

This enables players to get into touch with the official and community tournaments that they have already joined. The Xbox Arena tournament options also added new titles.

Enhanced notification system

The new Xbox One update also upgraded the notification system. It has become more efficient in tracking down time-sensitive activities and statuses, and they are visible to see from a far distance.

The Game Hub Welcome tab was also redesigned with new feature that gives a summary of a game’s great content.

Recent activity can now be accessed faster with the new profile settings. Players can now easily choose the people that can see their activity feeds. This can be accessed through the privacy settings.

Easier transfer of data

The new Xbox One update prepares old console users for transferring their files on the upcoming Xbox One X console. They can choose from new options to help save them time in moving from an old console to a newer one. They can choose from transferring games to an external drive, make a backup, or copy them over their home networks via network transfer.

Check out the Xbox Update October 2017 Trailer in the vide below.