The latest patch of Final Fantasy XIV got an additional update today. Released last week, Patch 4.1 will be updated early today as the development team plans to bring tons of new and additional features, improvements, and enhancements to the game.

Tagged as “The Legend Returns,” the latest patch is the first major content update for “Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood” – the game’s second expansion – which was released last June 20, 2017. “Stormblood” also marks the end of “Final Fantasy XIV” on PlayStation 3 console.

This second expansion pack of “Final Fantasy XIV” is so big that even players who did not experience playing some of the earlier patches and its first expansion pack – “Heavensward” – will definitely enjoy “Stormblood.” The latest expansion pack also runs parallel with the story of “A Realm Reborn” – the game’s first patch released back in 2013 where the story of the Garlean invasion ended.

Return to Ivalice

With the dawn of a new realm, “Stormblood” tells the story of cleansing the world from the remnants of the defeated empire. For instance, the 24-man raid within the Royal City of Rabanastre brings us back to Ivalice, the place where “Final Fantasy XII” and “Final Fantasy Tactics” took place.

This was no accident at all as the writer of both “FFXII” and “Tactics” – Yasumi Matsuno – wrote the story of the first raid in the Return to Ivalice. The bosses in this storyline were designed by Keita Amemiya – creator and director of the GARO series, as posted on

Accordingly, the raid’s objective is to find out why the Prima Vista – the private stage for the Garlean Majestic Imperial Theater Company – is hovering over the City of Kugane.

The 24-man raid team will soon find out the real answer to this question while getting additional backstories from the two other “Final Fantasy” series.

Adjustments, balancing and future releases

The latest patch update for “Stormblood” also brings a continuing saga of liberating the City of Ala Mhigo and Doma and the impending battle against the legendary dragon Shinryu.

Patch 4.1 also gives players to explore the Ancient City of Skalla where a new dungeon was added.

Aside from new storylines, battle system, PvP, and dungeons, among other things that players look forward to seeing on “Final Fantasy XIV” are a more balanced battle system. HPs, attacks and damages, effects and potencies, and other actions were adjusted to ensure a better gaming experience.

In addition to tons of new features in Patch 4.1, Square Enix also announced that the story of the “Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate)” will become part of Patch 4.11. The game developer also plans to bring a new PvP in patch 4.15.