The Pokemon GO” Halloween event is on. Fans across the globe are participating in the event. While the event has included a massive increase in Ghost-type Pokemon and double candies, it has also increased the spawn rate of another Pokemon that is not a spooky type. The critter in question is Corsola.

Increase in Corsola spawns could be a glitch

This Water/Rock-type critter now reportedly accounts for almost all the spawns in certain areas. This is mostly true for players in the tropical region. Niantic is yet to make the reason public as to why so many Corsolas are popping up in tropical areas.

Some players believe that the spawn rate increase happened after Niantic fixed a spawning issue at water biomes.

The fix was for Ghost-type Pokemon, though it may have accidentally caused a massive increase in Corsola Spawns. In a bid to ensure that players in the tropical regions are able to enjoy the Halloween event without problems, Niantic may have accidentally caused this issue. According to Game Rant, the spawn rate increase may have also been deliberately done.

Players can find out the truth if Corsola spawn rates remain high during the event period but come back to normal once it concludes. However, there are others who believe Corsola has nothing to do with the Halloween theme. Hence, a theory is that the increase in spawns is mainly because of a glitch.

It will surely be fixed with a future patch.

Shiny Pocket Monsters surprise players

Meanwhile, “Pokemon GO” players in the tropical region must take full advantage of Corsola spawns and add this rare critter to their Pokedexes. In a new Halloween event update, trainers have confirmed that Gen 3 Shiny Pocket Monsters are now available to catch.

The event will run until Nov. 2. Thus, players can not only catch the Gen 3 monsters but also their shiny versions.

Niantic has left fans to discover all the hidden secrets during the event. According to Express, there are reports that Shiny Sableyes may be hatched from 10 km Eggs. Other versions may also be available to hatch from eggs.

The new list of Gen 3 critters includes Dusclops, Duskull, Bannette, Shuppet, and Sableye.

Pokemon GO” data miners have pointed out that the Dark and Ghost-type creatures have their spawns increased by more than 50 percent at night. The night cycle lasts for about 12 hours, starting at 8 PM local time, and ending 8 AM local time. However, there will still be plenty of opportunities during the daytime.