Almost exactly a week ago, Overwatch came out with a bang releasing the new hero Doomfist. The highly anticipated offensive and the mobile hero came in with a splash. The fanbase has had a hype around this hero for a long time. One thing was missing in the release, though, the Skins were not yet out onto PTR (Public Test Region). Now, the skins you've all been waiting for, including four legendary, two epics, and 4 rare skins.

Here's a look at each skin:














As you can tell, there are a ton of skins now available.

Through a lot of the feedback from the public, a lot of the responses seemed to favor the epic skins rather than the legendary. Though both show uniquely different views, the epics do a great job of being simple yet full of design. Overwatch did a great job of creating skins that go together, and are essentially opposites. In the legendaries, you see that between the spirit skin and the avatar, as well as between the Irin and Caution. The painted and cheetah skins both show that opposite look and the rare have it for all four.

Doomfist comes into the scene with a big time offensive kit. He's a very mobile character and has a neat kit to go with it through his massive arm. Since being released, he's already seen a small nerf to his abilities.

A couple days ago, Blizzard tweaked the distance Doomfist travels when he uses Rocket Punch. Before it seemed to go about 30 meters, and after the nerf it was down to about 20 meters. This affected him on the ground but more importantly, through the air. Doomfist can use his mobility to soar over building structures and shoot from structure to structure, but now it won't be nearly as easy.

For the skins, it's a huge advancement for the character since it had so much hype around it. Blizzard has been hyping up Doomfist for months, even rumoring to get Terry Crews as a voice actor for it. It's been a crowd favorite, and the skins just made it that much better. Being able to have a unique skin that others in the game might not have or see, adds that much of a flash to your character.

Doomfist's release date to the live servers isn't yet official, but if you tune into the Public Testing Region, you can have some fun with the character as well as his skins to go with it. Rumors say the hero will be released to live servers within the next few weeks, but Blizzard may need to tweak a few more things before that can happen.