“Playerunknown’s Battleground” has become one of the biggest games in the industry since it launched early this year. Despite only being an early access title, the game has around 1.65 million fans playing daily. Bluehole is still looking into adding more content to enhance the overall gaming experience. However, they recently apologized for Server Issues that plagued the game.

Problems with the server

According to GameSpot, “Playerunknown’s Battleground” encountered a variety of server issues over the past few days. This problem prevented players from logging into the game.

Luckily, developer Bluehole has acknowledged the issue and explained that it was getting much more difficult to manage the servers during peak times. Nonetheless, they vowed to continue improving their systems.

They personally apologized for the server problems, stating, “We would like to sincerely apologize to everyone for the recent server issues which resulted in long waits and any inconveniences.” That said, BlueHole has to deal with around 1 million players daily. The game has surpassed major Steam records – notably dethroning “Dota 2” and breaking an all-time record for peak player count.

To accommodate players, Blueole said that they will prepare their servers in advance to handle more players in the game.

“PUBG” continues to grow as more players are learning about the game. Bluehole continues to update their project with more items and weather effects as evident by their recent September update. That said, the game will be getting an Xbox One X release once the console officially launches.

Console exclusivity

While “PUBG” might be a Xbox launch title, it might not be a system exclusive much longer.

Bluehole recently had talks with other gaming companies about the game, one of which is PlayStation. There could be a chance that the game might eventually get ported over, but it seems like Microsoft is doing their best to ensure the game stays as an Xbox exclusive for now. According to Dot Esports, Microsoft has been talking with Bluehole to extend their console exclusivity agreement.

They are trying to keep the game glued to the Xbox One X until the middle of next year or even longer. As of now, neither company has revealed any more information about the subject. “Playerunknown’s Battleground” is a battle royale type of game wherein you are placed on a stranded island with 90-something other players. The only goal of the game is to be the last man standing. There are various weapons and items scattered around the field to help you survive the battlefield.