Injustice 2 players will finally play Raiden as the second DLC character from Fighter Pack on Tuesday this week. The god of thunder from Mortal Kombat universe will also arrive with Black Lightning premier skin.

In the latest Watchtower stream, the NetherRealm Studios team officially announced that the fifth DLC character will be unlocked on October 3. Note that the fighter will be first available on this day for those who own the Ultimate Edition. Then, it will be accessible for all players on October 6.

Check out the Watchtower Livestream video that previewed the DLC fighter super moves, special attacks, abilities, and more.

Xbox One glitch unlocked Raiden early

However, there were a number of Xbox One players who unlocked Raiden early prior to official release. Last week, the studio released Patch 1.09 that added the character and Black Lightning in preparation for the launching of the DLC pack.

It appeared that a glitch in the update let some of the Xbox One users able to play Raiden ahead of schedule. This incident disgruntled a lot of players, all because of jealousy. Patch 1.10 was implemented shortly after, which again introduced a new trouble. Gamers reported losing their earned gear and shaders for each character.

Dev addressed gear issue

The game developer initially addressed the issue with a quick fix and promised to make further investigation on the problem.

It wasn’t clear at that time whether players will be able to retrieve the missing shaders and other items or not anymore.

Good thing, NetherRealm Studios has now rolled out a new patch that fixes the issues brought by released version 1.10 update. In a new post on Twitter, the game developer announced that the latest update is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to fix the deletion of gear.

This is good news for fans who waited for several days to receive this remedial update from the studio. Hopefully, the latest update has now resolved the issue once and for all.

Plenty of cool gear coming

On a lighter note, the NetherRealm crew also teased that fans can expect to plenty of cool gear coming as “Justice League” hits theatres worldwide in November. It can be recalled that the studio held special multiverse event that dropped lots of exciting gear as a tribute to "Wonder Woman" movie premiere earlier this year.

Published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, “Injustice 2” is available now on Xbox One and PS4, while the PC version was leaked to be underway for release later this year.