It appears that players of the third-person shooter video game, “Gears of War 4,” are in for a treat on Microsoft’s soon-to-be-launch Xbox One X console. The video game developer has finally revealed the list of enhancements that gamers will be able to take advantage of on the powerful gaming console.

Perhaps the substantial inclusion on Microsoft’s Xbox One X console is the ability for “Gears of War 4” gamers to select to leverage the extra horsepower of the gaming system for either visuals or performance. In terms of performance mode, the third-person shooter game will play at 1080p in horde as well as campaign mode, and the game will run at up to 60 frames per second, according to TweakTown.

The performance mode is such a massive boost, as campaign and horde modes are currently limited at 30fps on gaming systems, while multiplayer mode runs at 60fps. Nonetheless, gamers can choose a visual mode that will push graphical fidelity to ultra quality textures and 4K resolution, but framerates in campaign and horde modes will be capped at 30 frames per second.

Several other visual flairs have been enhanced and included across the board. For instance, the Light shafts will now look more realistic, and dynamic shadows will enable shadows to perfectly respond to the object’s movement within the game world and shifting light. In addition, the Draw Distances have been boosted, Character Textures feature additional detail and Reflections will be available with a higher fidelity.

Enhanced program extending to Xbox 360

The Redmond-based tech company is also extending the Enhanced program of its new gaming console to existing Xbox 360 titles. According to IGN, four Xbox 360 titles will have enhancements specifically for the new gaming system when it arrives next month.

Console with powerful CPU and GPU

As for the processing power of Xbox One X, the 8-core custom AMD CPU running at 23GHz will bring the user interactions and enhance details during playtime.

The 12GB GDDR5 of the console also expands game performance, allowing players to plunge themselves into the game world. Due to the 4K gaming environments and 6 Teraflop GPU of Xbox One X, players can look forward to true-to-life characters with sharply defined animations.

The Xbox One X also features 1TB Hard drive and 326GB/s Memory bandwidth. Speaking of ports, the console will arrive with HDMI 2.0a in, HDMI 2.0a out, 3 x USB 3.0, S/PDIF, IR out. The gaming system will have a $649 price tag.