If there is one thing Steam is known for, it would have to be its huge sales. A few times a year, the store discounts hundreds of games over a handful of days. PC games already tend to be cheaper than their console counterparts, but some titles are practically given away during these moments.

The dates are not yet official, although a now deleted post on the Games subreddit provided the information. If this was the only source, we would not recommend trusting it, but the information was confirmed by both Kotaku and Eurogamer.


The closest sale launches in less than a week, starting on October 26.

This coincides with Halloween, and the discount period ends on November 1. While the focus will probably be on horror games, Steam tends to offer a good degree of variation for these festive sales. At this point, it is impossible to know what will be included, although one can expect games like "Alien: Isolation," "The Evil Within," and "Resident Evil 7" to be discounted.

Steam discounts products on a weekly basis, but these huge sales tend to offer the best value for your money. As the Halloween event is so close by, it might be best to hold off on buying anything new. There are a few great discounts currently on the store, like "The Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition," but there definitely will be a lot more options during the sale.

Black Friday

Black Friday is the shopping event of the year. Steam always holds massive price cuts during this period, with this year being no exception. The leak signals November 22 as the starting date, lasting until the 28 of the month.

While the upcoming Halloween themed sale is likely to prioritize the horror genre, the Black Friday event usually discounts almost every game on the store.

It lasts for seven days, with new titles being added on an hourly basis. As a PC gamer, it is impossible to not be excited.

For those with some more money to spend, Steam holds a winter sale over the Christmas period. This is actually the longest of the three, lasting from December 21 until January 4. That's a lot of discounts.

While most people tend to do their Christmas shopping prior to this point, such a large event is worth checking out for any last minute deals.

Steam is hardly the only online store worth checking out for discounts. While it tends to be the biggest, sites like GOG should also be checked out. Humble Bundle is likely to launch something special as well.