"Dota 2" is a free-to-play MOBA video game and it's one of the most popular games on PC platform. Released over four years ago, this game has gained a lot of popularity over time and no other game was played more on Steam in 2016.

Considering its popularity, there are many fans of the game who knows almost everything about it! If you think you are one of them, answer "Dota 2" questions below and let's see how well you do! After you answer the question, make sure you read the answer that will be right under it. Let us know how many answers you got right!

Invoker currently has 10 spells in the game, but how many spells did he have before he was ported to 'Dota 2'?

Invoker used to have many more skills before. The order of instances mattered when Invoke was cast, which resulted in the hero having 27 spells! These 27 spells include the 10 spells that are currently in the game, but a few of them had some minor differences.

Sacred Relic and Skull Basher used to form one item before its revamp. Which item is that?

These two items used to form Abyssal Blade before the revamp. The item used to cost 6750 gold and it would give 100 Damage and 10 Strength to the wielder. Now, Abyssal Blade costs 6400 gold and it gives different stats. However, Skull Basher is still one of the items needed for it.

What is the cooldown on Dragon Knight's Dragon Tail ability on level 3?

Level 3 cooldown on Dragon Tail is 10 seconds. The ability has a 12-second cooldown and it decreases by one second with every level.

Which female hero did Skywrath Mage have a crush on?

Skywrath Mage had a secret crush on Vengeful Spirit (Skywrath Princess Shendelzare), but she didn't know about his love.

Furthermore, when she kills him, she even calls him a traitor. Not a happy love story!

What is the name of Broodmother's ultimate ability?

Broodmother's ultimate ability is called Insatiable Hunger. This ability gives her a damage boost as well as life steal.

What was Phoenix's name in the first game?

Phoenix's original name was Icarus, but it was removed in "Dota 2" due to unspecified reasons.

However, one of its main abilities uses the original name as it's called Icarus Dive.

What was the total prize pool for this year's (2017) International Dota 2 Championship?

The prize pool was $24.6 million! Team Liquid won the tournament and got the lion's share of it, which was over $10.8 million. Play video games, kids!

What is the name of Luna's mount?

Luna's mount is called Nova.