Pokemon GO” fans are eagerly anticipating details on the Halloween event. Niantic has yet to officially reveal the Gen 3 critters and the Halloween 2017 event. A recent statement by the Pokemon Company suggested that the Gen 3 would join the game on Halloween. The source code for these new creatures was recently discovered by data miners. This is proof enough that new Pokemon are on the way.

The Gen 3 Ghost types would include Dusclops, Duskull, Mega Banette, Banette, and Shuppet. “Pokemon Go” is keeping its popularity going with themed events, spread throughout the year.

The events generally run for several days. In the end, players are rewarded with bonuses and upgrades. Events are also a way for Niantic to bring back lost players.

Halloween event duration and Mewtwo availability

The 2016 Halloween event ran from Oct. 26 to Nov. 01. Players received double candy for participating. This year’s event may also take place during the same time. According to Mirror, Niantic should ideally extend the dates a bit to allow players capture more Pokemon. Many trainers also want to know whether Mewtwo will be up for grabs this year.

Even though Niantic Labs has not revealed any information on Mewtwo availability, the general consensus is that Mewtwo is a Psychic-type critter, which is perfect for Halloween.

Mewtwo raids would be most welcome. It is nearly time for details about the event to flow in. Hence, a little more waiting will answer all questions.

New Legendary Raid and Gen 3 evidence

There is also no word as to whether Oh-Ho will be added to the game during the Halloween 2017 event. A recently leaked email, supposedly from Niantic, suggested that the developer has plans to add it to the game as part of a Legendary Raid.

However, the email is unlikely from the developer.

The new raid could launch alongside Gen 3. The latest “Pokemon GO” update on iOS and Android devices have revealed new secrets, reports Express. The update has already been data mined, and there is staggering evidence that Gen 3 could be released anytime now. Leading data miners have assured that everything is in place for the big update to be released.

The files reportedly include all the forms required for Gen 3 release. This is big news, as many are hoping that Niantic would do something interesting with the release of these new monsters. The only thing that was found missing was the sound files. They are to replicate the monsters’ in-game cries.