There are a lot of mixed feelings about Nintendo's new game, "Fire Emblem Warriors." Many fans are disappointed that the game doesn't feature their favorite characters. Others are disappointed that some of the extra content coming out will have characters already in the game instead of new ones. Regardless, everyone is still interested to see how the game is coming along. As it would turn out, players have to unlock characters and their history. Fortunately, we know how to unlock them.

Unlocking 'Fire Emblem Warriors' characters

The great thing about "Fire Emblem Warriors" is that it does offer us a list of new characters.

The series also brings back Anna- a mysterious trickster that we don't really know all that much about. To unlock Anna for this game, you have to clear Anna's challenge in History Mode. The other two characters have a couple of different ways you can unlock them. Lianna and Rowan are both lords who can be unlocked after clearing Chapter 5 or by selecting them at the initial stage.

'The Blazing Blade,' 'Shadow Dragon' and 'Shadows of Valentia'

The only character that can be unlocked from "Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade" is Lyn, another lord. In order to unlock Lyn, the players must clear the Noble Lady of Caelin in History Mode. Fortunately, this does offer some history insight as well.

There are a few more characters available to be unlocked from "Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon." All three of the characters can be unlocked after clearing Chapter 14.

The characters available are the lord Marth, Pegasus Knight Caeda, and Manakete, Tiki.

If you're looking for a character from "Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia," the game offers the priestess, Celica. Celica can be unlocked when Reunion, And Then is cleared in History Mode.

'Awakening' characters

There are several characters available from the more recent title, "Fire Emblem Awakening." Once Chapter 2 is cleared, we are given the lord Chrom, the cleric Lissa, and Great Knight Frederick.

Chapter 4 has be cleared in order to unlock the Pegasus Knight, Cordelia. Lucina, another lord, and Robin, a rare tactician, are available after Chapter 5 is cleared.

Characters from 'Fates'

Most of the characters that players can unlock come from "Fire Emblem Fates." The character roster includes all of the siblings from both royal families.

The siblings from Hoshido appear in the game quite early. After clearing Chapter 6, you unlock Sakura, a Shrine Maiden, and Hinoka, a Sky Knight. Takumi is an archer who can be unlocked after clearing Chapter 7. After Chapter 9 is cleared, the player unlocks two Nohrian sisters, Elise, a Troubadour, and Camilla, a Malig Knight. Clearing Chapter 10 gives us access to the Dark Knight, Leo. Chapter 13 gives us access to the eldest brothers of both families, Ryoma, a Hoshidan Swordmaster, and Xander, a Nohrian paladin. This is where you also unlock Corrin, a Nohrian Princess.

Although the game has a long unlocking process, it definitely gives players enough time to grind before receiving what may be the strongest characters in the game.