The end game of "Destiny 2" is lacking a bit in content at the moment so it's no surprise that players are going to try and find things to do. Reddit user vpain 1800 discovered that it is possible to do Prestige Lost Sectors this week. The Nightfall strike this week is The Arms Dealer and it's possible to forget doing the actual Nightfall it's self and do Lost Sectors instead. Doing Prestige level content is much harder than normal strikes so being around power level 290-300 is recommended to enjoy them.

How do you trigger them?

Youtuber Mesa Sean posted a video this morning explaining how to do this and gave his commentary on how Bungie can use this kind of stuff to the game's benefit.

Basically, all you have to do is load up the Prestige Nightfall strike, turn around and go out of the strike area and go back in the European Dead Zone. You can open your map to find the Lost Sectors and just go to one. Once you're in the area of a Lost Sector you'll realize that the enemies are much harder and you'll know you've triggered it. Torrent Light is one of the modifiers on the Nightfall this week and that charges up your grenade and melee abilities super fast and that'll make things easier if you want to try this out solo.

Do you get rewards for them?

The rewards, unfortunately, don't change from the normal Lost Sectors. You have a small chance to get an exotic just like the normal ones and you can grind for some EDZ tokens if you don't have the full armor set from there or if you want a particular gun.

If you haven't done a Nightfall yet then you may not know that there is a timer. So you can only do a handful of the Lost Sectors before the time runs out and you fail the actual strike. If you go in with some friends then you can probably do three or four of them before the timer runs out. And these can only be done on the European Dead Zone since you can't go to another planet without backing out of the strike.

Is it worth doing?

If you're looking for some extra challenge this week then go for it! It will only be available until reset Tuesday since that's when the Nightfall will change. Something like this happened in "Destiny 1" during one of the weekly missions and that lead to a hidden side activity that ultimately lead to getting the Black Spindle sniper rifle.

So this could definitely lead to a similar repeat and result in having some exotic gun as a reward. Bungie never talked about the hidden mission in D1 so they more than likely won't talk about one if it exists in D2. They want the community to find them out and have fun exploring. Definitely, give the Prestige Lost Sectors a go this week especially if you just got the game on PC and are looking for some side stuff to do.