EA released a new Update for the Nintendo Switch version of “FIFA 18,” which is titled Update 3. It brings a lot of fixes and improvements in the game. Update 3 also brings fixes to several graphical issues in the game. The update also affects most of the game modes in the game. Due to this, players can expect a much better gameplay after the Update 3 of “FIFA 18.” The console version of the game also received an update, but it is focused on bringing back the co-op system in FUT Seasons, which is one of the most requested features in the game.

Bug fixes and gameplay improvements

The Update 3 of “FIFA 18” brings a lot of fixes in the game. First is the fix in the issue where some players will have the same pre-match skill before the start of the game. The disappearance of the attempt counter in Beat Your Skill mode is also fixed in the update. The update also brings fixes in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode. First is the fix of the issue where the art on several squad building challenges was disappearing. Some text that overlaps the requirements screen in squad building challenges were also fixed. The Update 3 also fixed some issues in the Online features of the game, such as the unreadable texts while in the Team Select menu. EA also fixed several issues while changing control types in the game.

Incorrect country flags were also fixed in the Update 3. The pause timer that permanently shows in the screen after leaving an online match has also been fixed. EA also fixed a lot of bugs in the Career mode. First is the bug where the prize money was not being rewarded properly to the player. The bug where the game crashes when the created player got injured was repaired.

EA also improved the button callouts in the FIFA Trainer mode as players have been encountering wrong button callouts.

Graphical improvements

EA also brings a lot of graphical improvements in the game. This will remove a lot of graphical glitches and performance issues. First in the visualization improvements in the update is the 3D player image when creating a character.

Players will now see a more realistic face when trying to create their character. The update also improved the soccer ball in the game as it sometimes disappears when a match is about to get started, especially in the pre-match cinematics. EA also made the Chile National Team kits, as well as their crest to be authentic. Even though the changes aren't that big, players are still happy especially for the fans of Chile National Team as EA brings the authenticated crest and kits for the team.