Not too long ago, "Hearthstone" adopted a practice that is common among most card games, including "Magic: The Gathering" and others -- cycling out old card sets to make room for new sets, thus rendering older sets unplayable in competitive format. Since "Hearthstone" is a relatively new card game, they only just recently developed their own backlog of older cards, thus allowing the game to cycle out older card sets in favor of the more recently released expansions. That said, a card that has been both a nemesis and a game-changer will make a return to Arena: Yogg-Saron.

The return of Yogg-Saron to Arena in 'Hearthstone'?

For those unfamiliar with the card, or for those that may just need a refresher, Yogg-Saron essentially casts a spell for every spell that has been cast in the game as soon as you play the card. "Hearthstone" Arena is already a random game as it is, but, the possibility of drafting Yogg-Saron in Arena is essentially taking that randomness and giving it steroids -- with adrenaline shots to boot, and maybe some espresso for good measure. Since both the spells and targets are chosen randomly, the card throws strategy out the window, and any hope you may have of a structured, calculated game.

Yogg-Saron was not available in 'Hearthstone' Arena?

As it turns out, Yogg-Saron has been unavailable in Arena, due to a bug, wherein certain cards become "undraftable" in Arena when changes are made to said cards.

On the forum, game designer August Dean Ayala said they were working to fix this issue:

"This is fixed in a future patch.

There was a bug in our editor way back when that caused a card to become 'undraftable' when we made any change to it. This includes text, art, or some background engineering change. When KoFT released there was a big bucket of these we fixed and it looks like Yogg-Saron somehow slipped through the cracks. Thanks for pointing this out."

With that, it seems as though, whether fans like it or not, Yogg-Saron and his Battlecry will make a return to Arena sometime soon.

Given that this card is a legendary, however, the odds of the card actually being drafted are somewhat slim -- one might even say, random.

Still, this is something for fans to ponder further as they await the arrival of BlizzCon 2017, taking place in Anaheim, California on Friday, November 3rd, and Saturday, November 4th from 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Perhaps by then the stats will be revealed for Golden Legendary, Marin the Fox.)