Warm yourself by the hearth, as Blizzard is celebrating Halloween 2017 with a tweak to arena that has surely seen some wacky gameplay since the event was released. To celebrate, Blizzard introduced dual classes in arena. Normally, when players play arena or any other game mode in "Hearthstone," they choose their respective hero, with each hero equipped with their own unique hero power. For this latest event, however, if you play in arena mode, you first pick a hero of your choice, and, instead of going directly into a game, players now have a second option to pick another hero, and that second hero that they choose, they will have the hero power that corresponds with that particular hero.

'Hearthstone': Hallow's End

The "Hearthstone" Hallow's End event launched on October 24th and is currently running -- up until November 6th. For players that log in at any time during that period, they will receive two free "Whispers of the Old Gods" card packs, along with one free arena run to test out the new gameplay.

"Hearthstone" as an overall game continues to evolve with new updates, cards, and nerfs, and, this latest addition to arena certainly adds another dynamic to the game that will only add to the overall gameplay experience moving forward. As an extra added bonus, each "Hearthstone" hero is dressed for the Hallow's End occasion, with each hero getting into the spirit and donning a costume to celebrate.

What effect does this have on arena in 'Hearthstone'?

Anyone familiar with arena knows how it goes. When compared to constructed play, arena has a random element that's always present, as you never quite know what cards you are going to get to choose from, and you never truly know what cards your opponent may have drafted into his or her deck.

That said, the dual hero element not only gives your heroes access to a hero power that belongs to a different class, but you also get to draft cards into your deck belonging to both classes, which opens up the door to a whole new set of card combinations and outcomes that have not been seen in the game up to this point.

According to discussions on Facebook, when it comes to which combination of heroes is the strongest, you will likely get a mixed back of answers.

Some have commented that the combination of Warlock/Druid is the strongest, while others have said that Druid/Priest is the best. Still, others have said that Mage/Priest is utterly unbeatable. Ultimately, though, the only way to truly find out is to log in to the game and try arena out for yourself while the event is in progress. Also, stay tuned for BlizzCon 2017, which takes place November 3-4 from Anaheim, California. For fans and players unable to attend the event in person, virtual tickets are still available.