There seems to be no end in sight for the continued popularity of the Nintendo Switch. Fans of the Japanese gaming company have continuously supported the new platform with its larger third-party software support. During the first few months after its launch in March 2017, gamers saw a continuous flow of games being released for the hybrid game system. Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, actually revealed that the firm planned to spread out its first-party title releases and fill in the gaps with notable third-party software launches.

It appears that they intentionally didn’t want to overwhelm their fans with too many options at any given time.

Nintendo releases survey results regarding the Switch

Their plan seems to be working harmoniously with each of their game releases, and there haven’t been any major complaints from their fan community. Meanwhile, Nintendo conducted a survey about how their customers prefer to play with their Switch system. In a recent financial results briefing held by the company, it was revealed that around 30 percent of gamers prefer to use the device in handheld mode, while 20 percent of users keep their console docked. The remaining 50 percent equally used their devices in both modes, according to Nintendo Life.

Furthermore, information about their buyer’s ages was also included in their report. It appears that the majority of customers who purchase the new game system are in their early 30s and 20s. Likewise, players aged 10 to 19 along with some who are in their late 30s have all invested on a Switch system. It is quite noticeable that more mature audiences are not included, which is most likely attributed to the assumption that Nintendo consoles and games are marketed for children.

Mario does it again

Last week, the most recognizable video game mascot appeared in his first game for the new platform.

Super Mario Odyssey” launched last Friday and has received rave reviews from various media outlets. Likewise, longtime fans of the mustachioed hero have taken to social media to praise its gameplay and presentation. Despite the continued shortage of the new game console, the game managed to sell over two million copies in just a short time. Just like the console’s first-party IP, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” the latest installment of Mario’s adventures will surely continue to see more sales in the near future.

More games in store for its fans

Nintendo continues to gather steam as it pushes more sales of its Switch console.

In fact, Reggie Fils-Aime shared that they have more games in store for the new console. Historically, first-party IPs have always driven console sales even further compared to third-party software. With “Super Mario Odyssey” just recently released, the company continues to tease fans with a new “Metroid” and “Donkey Kong” game coming soon.