Game company Rockstar Games has confirmed that they will not be releasing any single-player expansions for “Grand Theft Auto V.” They will remain steadfast in their stance that they have never promised anything of the sort in the past. Fans of the video game will have their dreams crushed with the confirmation from design director Imran Sarwar.

The design director also revealed other reasons for not creating any single-player expansions of the game. The game company is focusing on another game title that will be released in the future.

No single-player expansions was not a conscious decision

Sarwar explained that their decision on not creating any expansion for the video game’s single-player campaign was not a conscious decision. It just happened to work out that way and ended up being a success. They focused more on updates for “GTA Online,” which had a lot of content.

Rockstar would want to make more one-player expansion DLCs for their other games in the next few years. They love this type of gameplay because they like the storytelling and the gameplay immersion in its world. Sarwar stated that “GTA V’s” main campaign was large, and it was complete.

Lack of resources and other focus

The design director also revealed that their other reason for not creating any single-player expansions for “Grand Theft Auto V” was their lack of resources.

The development team was focused on their next big game title, which was the highly-anticipated “Red Dead Redemption 2.” They did not feel the expansions for their past game title to be very necessary.

Constant concern right now

Sarwar stated that their constant concern right now is the bandwidth issues of the game. Creating large and complex games would require a lot of resources and time.

They confessed that not everything is possible, but they still love games that have single-player and open-world gameplay.

Recommended 'GTA Online' content

Sarwar did assure that “GTA Online” will have a lot more content in the future. He recommended any of the updates of the multiplayer feature that lets them interact with the characters from the main story.

The Lowriders content would allow players to contact with Lamar and his crew. Lester would be the one managing the Heist missions. Trevor would make a cameo appearance from time to time as well.

The design director highly recommended the Smuggler’s Run update due to the combination of gameplay and character interaction. Nervous Ron is present in this content and becomes the players’ business partner.

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