The big release of November is definitely Microsoft's Xbox One X. The most powerful console on the planet, the company has done a great job of hyping up their expensive upcoming hardware. While not everyone will drop the cash for the upgraded console, there are a handful of titles set to be released next month which could benefit from the added juice.

With October almost finished, let us take a look at three games set to be released on the Xbox One during the month of November. We are not considering only exclusives, as there simply is not enough games.

'Star Wars Battlefront II'

Set to launch on multiple platforms from November 17, EA's "Star Wars Battlefront II" has done a great job of deflating its own momentum due to the implementation of loot boxes in the beta. While the game-play received near universal praise, locking all progression behind a pay-wall is greedy at best.

To be fair, it is possible to unlock everything by simply playing the game, as long as the player does not mind grinding for dozens of hours. The loot boxes included in the beta also held power-ups, granting a direct advantage over the other players.

"Star Wars Battlefront II's" single-player is set to last for a few hours, although not much else is known about it. As this is primarily a multiplayer title, hopefully, the campaign does not feel phoned in.

'Call of Duty: WWII'

Activision is returning to what made the series great in "Call Of Duty: WWII," or that is the plan. Unlike EA's beta, "Call of Duty's" latest entry benefitted from granting fans some hands-on time. The multiplayer suggests that a return to form is in store for the popular FPS franchise, although it remains to be seen whether the single-player is anything worthwhile.

This is the grittiest we have seen "Call of Duty" in years, with the futuristic tech of the last few entries completely left by the wayside. "WWII" launches on November 3.

'Need for Speed: Payback'

Back to EA for this one, with "Need for Speed: Payback" set to be released on November 10 for multiple platforms. The racing series has struggled to keep up the pace, with the 2016 reboot failing to re-establish the franchise.

There is no lack of great racing titles, with the Xbox One home to one of the best in "Forza," so "Payback" really needs to hit the mark.

Early impressions are promising, with customization being the focus. Taking a page from "Grand Theft Auto V's" book, "Need for Speed: Payback" includes three playable characters, who should offer some variety depending on their preferred racing style.