Tomorrow, June 6, will finally be seeing the arrival of the biggest update that has ever been released for Microsoft's highly popular third-person shooter video game, "Gears of War 4." The upcoming update should give fans of the series a big reason to dust of their consoles and PCs to once again wage war against the swarm. Described as being the "biggest ever" update coming for the game, "Rise of the Horde" will be bringing with it a slew of brand new content, including new maps, new achievements, and new Horde skills.

Room for new activities

When the free update arrives, players should be getting access to several new maps, including the old fan favorite, "Avalanche." New Boss Loot Drops and Rewards will also be offered across the board.

Boss Waves defeated at Wave 30, 40 and 50 will now be dropping a single Horde Skill. Drops will still be completely random, but harder difficulty levels will increase the drop rates of rarer items.

Additionally, players can also opt to spend their time unlocking several new achievements, which will grant a total of 500G. Several changes to the game's UI will also be included. One change now allows players to physically see how many Power Drops are left on the battlefield.

Brand new Horde Skills

The "Rise Of The Horde" update will also be including 15 new Horde Skills. Each class will receive 3 different skills, which has been designed to enhance the specific class' other abilities. The Engineer class will be getting a new "Flow" skill, which reduces damage during repair, the "Overclock" skill, which increases the ammo replenish rate, and a "Salvage" skill that increases the drop rate of ammo from enemies killed by sentries.

The Heavy class will be getting "Thick Skin," which reduces damage from explosions, "Berserker," increases damage with low health, and "Last Stand," which reduces damage taken with low health. The Scout class will get "Dodge," giving reduced damage while running, "Speed Loader," a skill that auto-reloads weapons while Roadie running, and "Cloak."

As for the Sniper class, players will be getting "Steady Hand," a skill that reduces camera shake, "Magic Bullet," which increases critical hits, and "Called Shot," a skill that has marked targets take additional damage.

Finally, the Soldier class will be getting the "Siphon" skill, which increases drop from enemies killed with planted grenades, "Resupply," a skill that increases grenade regeneration, and "Assault Rifle Accuracy."

Base game will be free for a limited time

Those who don't currently own "Gears of War 4" will be able to try it out for free from June 9 to June 15. Microsoft will be offering the free trial promo for all Xbox One and Windows 10 players. The free trial will include 10 hours of play and access to the first act of the game's single player campaign.