Almost a week after its release, "Evil Within 2" has already captured the hearts of many Horror Game lovers. Developed by Tango Gameworks, the game is said to be a true nightmare to remember. The game developers have created some amazing elements in order to stand out from the prequel.

With tense situations and elements of horror, "Evil Within 2" is a game that requires skill and guts to survive. Published by Bethesda Softworks, it is a must play for those who love survival horror games. Tango Gameworks has created a bone-chilling atmosphere with scarier creatures.

Unlike its predecessor, "Evil Within 2" is easy to understand as the characters are more interesting and the missions are much better.

Enhanced story and weapons

According to the Sixth Axis, the story is not very great when compared to the previous version. However, it is said to have a better game-play experience. The game revolves around detective Sebastian Castellanos and his past. Sebastian is tormented with visions of his dead daughter Lily, but Sebastian believes that his daughter is still alive.

Basically, the third-person survival horror game is all about the main character Sebastian surviving the worst that comes his way. Players will get to go deeper into different dimensions of the game.

The weapons are better and easy to use, but there are a huge range of skills and weapons that need to be unlocked first. As the game goes further, players will be able to unlock those skills and weapons. Every stage is challenging and filled with horrific surprises.

Tricks to defeat the Boss

For most of the survival horror games, defeating the final boss is not an easy task.

The same applies for "Evil Within 2," but there are certain tricks that could be used to defeat the enemy. At the end of chapter 14, players will need to fight a list of bosses. The first two are easy, but eventually it becomes more challenging.

Dave Tach from Polygon wrote a list of ways to defeat the bosses. The key to survive is to first maintain a distance between the enemy, and players need to start shooting from a safe zone where they can't be attacked easily.

The enemies are huge and powerful, but they are not fast enough. Using the warden crossbow will help stun the enemy for some time. Once the enemy is stunned, use the flamethrower for a few seconds and run back to a safe shooting zone.

Another way to get ammo is to search alongside the walls, as the surroundings of the game always have some equipment that will help destroy the enemy. Players can look for pipes or valves which might have some substance that helps to slow down the enemy. These are a few tricks that can be implemented to defeat the enemies in "Evil Within 2."