Halloween is right around the corner, and that means the streets will soon be filled with ghouls, goblins, vampires, princesses, superheroes, and yes, Pokémon. Niantic has announced their new Halloween update, which will run from October 20 at 12:00 pm until November 2 at 1:00 pm. The update will feature favorite Halloween Pokémon such as Gastly, Drowzee, and Cubone, but Niantic announced via Twitter and their blog that those Pokémon will also be joined by Sableye, Banette, and other ghost-type Pokémon originally found within the Hoenn region.

Halloween Update for 'Pokémon GO!'

The update will not only feature the aforementioned Pokémon but will also feature a special Pikachu to celebrate the holiday with an all-new costume. Not only that, but players will also be able to dress up their avatars with Mimikyu's Disguise hat. Players will be able to dress up in real life and the game, as they trick-or-treat this Halloween and try to catch all the spooky Pokémon that will be featured.

Along with that, candy will also be earned twice as fast. "Pokémon Go!" announced players will also see double candy rewards from catching, hatching, and transferring Pokémon. Players' buddy will also earn candy twice as fast. The item store will also feature special boxes containing raid passes and super incubators.

Hoenn region

For the most part, the updates released for the Halloween season are pretty standard and mirror what has come out in the past.

The truly exciting part of this year's update is the Hoenn region Pokémon. Not only will we see a preview of the characters coming from the Hoenn region, but "Pokémon Go!" has announced that starting in December players will see other Pokémon featured in "Ruby" and "Sapphire" gradually appearing as well.

It has long been rumored that the Gen 3 Pokemon would be released soon, with the internet swarming with news from data miners over the last months.

However, now players have a definitive announcement from the company themselves. "Pokémon Go!" will begin releasing gen 3 Pokémon starting December and will preview ghost-types from the Hoenn region on October 20 with their Halloween update.

So players, starting October 20, dress up your avatar, get a festive looking Pikachu, and get ready to catch those ghosts and keep a special eye out for the newly released ghost-types from Hoenn. Also be sure to keep an eye on your screens this December as gen 3 Pokémon will officially be released gradually into the world. Gotta' Catch 'em All!