As a developer and publisher, the success of “Destiny 2” and its predecessor obviously means that you have the right formula. The sequel is currently enjoying immense success right up from its launch last month. Industry analysts note that its impressive performance does not even include the PC version, which is slated to officially launch next week. Activision has already detailed their plans to support the game with more content for the duration of its lifespan just like the previous installment. However, Bungie just recently revealed that they are exploring new ideas for their next project, which surprisingly does not involve the “Destiny” franchise.

Bungie wants something more than ‘Destiny’

The plan of a new game that is not related to the sci-fi series was shared by Bungie co-founder Jason Jones. In an interview with BBC, Jones confirmed that their team is “starting in a small way to look at what’s beyond ‘Destiny’.” It is indeed surprising to hear it from the developer especially when their franchise is currently this popular. However, the co-founder noted that “every time you do a new thing to surprise and delight people you risk being ignored,” which a harsh truth in the video game industry. Perhaps most gamers want developers to stick with what seems familiar to them instead of a brand new title.

Nevertheless, Jason Jones seems to believe that great video games were made by taking a chance.

He pointed out that developers can choose to enumerate “all the risks going into a new game project” to justify not doing it. But in the end, only those who give it a shot really make “something people care about.” Industry experts believe that Bungie took the plunge when it created everything we love about “Destiny.” Therefore, we should be enthusiastic to see if they can outdo their previous achievement on their next project.

Keeping players happy

The Bungie co-founder recalled the criticism they received from fans who were disappointed by the first installment of “Destiny.” His team clearly listened to their feedback and included the missing content into the sequel. Fans are generally pleased with the story campaign in “Destiny 2” as well as the extra missions and activities.

For now, Jason Jones and his team are busy with post-launch content and support. It will most likely take a while before the studio announces anything new based on their established plans for the future DLC expansions.