Feedback from players has been positive as “Destiny 2” receives additional content on a weekly basis. It is already the fourth week since its launch, which welcomes the Faction Rally game mode. Just like their other in-game features like the Trials of the Nine, Leviathan raid, and weekly Flashpoints, the developer gives its fans what was missing from the original game. Now, they have confirmed that another feature from the first installment will come back. Guardians will soon be able to participate in a limited Crucible event called Bungie Bounty.

Bungie Bounty with ‘Destiny 2’ devs

Veteran players from the original game are most likely familiar with the Bungie Bounty events. However, those who have recently joined the “Destiny” community might want to know more about it. The Crucible event allows Guardians to take on members of the team behind “Destiny 2” and win prizes while they’re at it. It will be the first time for the developers to participate and challenge regular players in PVP matches.

The announcement was made by the game’s community manager, Cozmo via Bungie’s official website. He said, “It’s now time to bring back the old ritual of placing a bounty on someone’s head. The developers will then observe as “the community hunt them down to claim sweet rewards.”

The target has been named

According to the dev team, everyone’s target will be a player with the tag “Gigz”.

Players should note that the bounty will not go unprotected. Another team of guardians will protect their charge and will be composed of other staff members. They are senior designers Josh Hamrick, Kevin Yanes, and Chris Shannon himself. They will be identified by their tags imtylerdurden, Tocom, and Cozmo_BNG respectively.

Platform of choice

The two-hour Crucible event will be available to PlayStation 4 users only, which is understandable given Sony’s agreement with Activision. There are some gamers who want Sony to eventually support cross-platform gameplay between the PC and Xbox One. The community manager also confirmed that future events will be done on an Xbox One and eventually on the PC.

Winners earn prizes

Teams who successfully beat the Bungie Bounty team will apparently receive a cosmetic reward. The exclusive emblem will be called the Sign of Mutual combat. “Destiny 2” will hopefully see more of these community-driven events in the future, which encourages more players to embrace the game. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users can purchase the game right now, while PC users will need to wait a little longer until October 24, 2017, to enjoy the sci-fi shooter.