New content awaits Guardians this week as “Destiny 2” launches the Faction Rally feature for the sci-fi FPS. Guardians can visit the end-game social space and talk to each of the three factions. Players can only choose one group for each of their characters, which is headed by three NPCs. Once gamers select their sect, they can begin to earn tokens through various activities like Crucible matches, Public Events, Strikes, and even the Leviathan raid. Along with the new factions, players will also encounter terminals, which require a Dance Party Key to activate.

Faction Rally and Dance Party Keys in ‘Destiny 2’

Just like the first game, fans of the team-based shooter expect to encounter and hopefully solve new mysteries. These enigmatic secrets are speculated to reward players with exclusive loot or gear. The latest puzzle in “Destiny 2” appears to be connected to the Faction Rally game mode. Guardians can interact with a terminal located near each of the three factions’ NPCs. Each of the three intractable terminals apparently requires a Dance Party Key, which is currently a mysterious item that nobody seems to have cracked just yet.

Speculation regarding the terminals

Given that the Faction Rally has just started, more clues are expected to come out in the next few days.

The first in-game event is scheduled to end during the weekly reset next week. Fans have speculated that the Dance Party Key could be connected to the event’s rewards. Perhaps the item could be an extra reward earned if the player’s respective faction wins the weekly contest. It is speculated that the key might be a fun option wherein players could gain access to an exclusive social space location to celebrate their group’s victory.

Until Bungie reveals more information or the community figures it out, we can only guess its function for the meantime.

Farming faction tokens quickly

With the Faction Rally currently on the way, Guardians will most likely focus on earning tokens quickly. Some players have already shared their somewhat efficient farming methods.

Gamers must travel to IO and choose to land in the Lost Oasis, on the Echo Mesa zone. Afterwards, they should head over to the Grove of Ulan-Tan Lost Sector and shoot the glowing boxes inside. Players can apparently earn one token for each of the destroyed boxes. Once all have been shot down, users can fast travel to the same location and repeat the same steps, which roughly takes two minutes to complete. “Destiny 2” players can hopefully figure out how to earn the Dance Party Key as well this week.