A lot has been going on as of late with Bungie's "Destiny 2" which includes the recently rolled out Prestige Raid. Just a few hours from being live, the event was already beaten in record time, though there was a slight controversy about it.

On coil glitching

The developer recently hailed Clan Redeem for being the first ever team to finish the unforgiving raid event in an insanely quick manner, not to mention that they also beat the next best recorded time by four minutes. However, the "Destiny 2" community is not happy about it as they pointed out that Redeem took advantage of a weapon glitch that has been around in the game for quite a while now.

Known as the Coil Glitch, it allows players to replenish their Power Ammo while holding The Wardcliff Coil – and exotic rocket launcher. Clan Redeem has been vocal about it, and this can be seen during their Twitch stream while playing the raid event.

Bungie, on the other hand, responded regarding the issue. However, it looks like the developer has no plans of revoking their decision. Per Community Manager Cozmo, he stated that they've already seen the report about it, though they pointed out that it was not the exploit that they are checking. He further explained that they currently don't have the ability to detect it.

Prison of Elders rumors

Meanwhile, Cozmo recently debunked rumors about the return of the co-op arena activity known as the Prison of Elders. The community manager stated that there are no current plans of bringing in Poe in "Destiny 2." Sorry, Sylok.

Weapon roll

In other "Destiny 2" news, the community has been musing for quite some time now as to when random weapon rolls will be dropped within the game.

Luke Smith recently sat down with Edge Magazine to clarify their stance on random weapon perks.

Per the article, Smith pointed out that the "Destiny" franchise is heading towards becoming a "collection game." With regard to "making duplicates matter," he stated that this element of the game is one of the things they still have ideas for.

Smith went on saying that he and the gameplay team believe that both of them have done the right thing for the collection game. The community, on the other hand, seems to disagree with what Smith said. Most of them would prefer getting random perks rather than fixed ones – a thing that was once featured in the first game.

"Destiny 2's" Raid Challenges mode will kick off Tuesday, October 31. Check out a video of Clan Redeem's Prestige Raid Run here: