Blizzard released a new beta update for Blizzard Battle. net. It features a new Social menu and Blizzard groups. The beta update also brings the appear Offline Mode, which is one of the most requested features in the Blizzard The company also added new avatars and other profile customization for The beta update is now available without any requirements.

Features in latest beta update

One of the main highlights in the beta update is the new Social tab. It features tons of new ways to communicate to with each other. The social tab also features organized tabs, where Players can see their previous and ongoing conversations.

Blizzard also allows players to create groups based on their interest. According to the company, it is a new way to find other players that have the same interest in a specific event on a game. This will allow a group of players to talk with each other before an event starts. Group chats can also be used to share strategies on a specific game. Blizzard also added a voice chat feature in Groups.

Each group also has an assigned administrator, which has the power to send invitation links and manage membership. The beta update also adds new profile features, where players can now select different avatars and create friendly quotes that will be displayed on their profile screen. Players can also their links on social media accounts.

Blizzard also added the appear offline mode, which will allow players to play online while being offline on their account.

According to the company, this will avoid being disturbed while playing online. However, Blizzard said that players can still be seen by their friends when they are playing the same game like the “World of Warcraft.” Players can also send messages while appearing offline.

Blizzard also confirmed that messages that were sent to an offline user will be received by the time they sign in. The company also announced that they are looking forward to bring more updates to Blizzard Battle. net.

How to install latest beta update

To install the latest beta update, players should open the settings in the Blizzard

Players should select the beta button and click the switch to beta. Blizzard will automatically download and install the beta. Players can switch back to the original version of the client and repeat the process again if the beta update does not work properly.