Most of Bungie’s game maintenance takes a lot of time to finish and it also has to shut down the game servers temporarily. The developer recently released a new update for “Destiny 2” and according to a report by GameSpot, even though the maintenance lasted for six hours, the game servers were still online. The “Destiny 2”update contains minor bug fixes. It is also possible that the latest patch is related to the upcoming Leviathan Raid Prestige Mode.

Loading into the Tower issue fixed

The latest patch also fixed the issue that was causing the game to crash while loading into the Tower.

Some players claim that getting into the Tower is even harder than completing a raid, but there are some players that never ran into this issue.The Tower is where players pick up their lost items from the Postmaster. It is also the place where players continue quest lines that require interacting with an ally. Turning tokens for a loot and accessing vaults are also done in the Tower. Basically, the Tower is where players go to make progress in “Destiny 2.”

Prestige Mode details

The Prestige Mode for the Leviathan Raid was originally meant to go live together with the Iron Banner Event, which will last until the next reset on October 17. But the developer decided to delay the Prestige Mode after discovering a bug within the Leviathan Raid.

Bungie is set to launch the Prestige Mode on October 18. The new mode is perfect for players seeking for more challenge because it has a super-hard level of difficulty. The developer also said that only a handful of players can clear out Prestige Mode because if its difficulty. The purpose of the Prestige Mode is to help players familiarize every corner of the “Destiny 2” Leviathan Raid.

Prestige Mode rewards

The Leviathan Raid Prestige Mode offers rare items as rewards. “Destiny 2” players can acquire a total of three gears set after completing the Prestige difficulty. The rewards are Calus Treasured shader, Legend of Acrius shotgun, and Five Emblems. The Legend of Acrius shotgun is probably the rarest because only the “On the Comms” quest and Leviathan Raid offer this item.

How to join the Iron Banner event?

Players who already completed the “Destiny 2” campaign mode can join the Iron Banner Crucible event. Players can directly head to the Tower and look for Lord Saladin after completing the campaign. The Iron Banner event will be automatically entered in its own Crucible playlist. The Crucible playlist also features a Quickplay mode where players are allowed to play as Solo or a Fireteam. New matchmaking feature is also added.