The hammer-wielding Iron Lord will be making a comeback this month as Bungie confirmed the return of the Iron Banner event in "Destiny 2." The developer even teased the upcoming armor sets that will go alongside the event and these are without a doubt some badass stuff.

Welcome back Lord Saladin

Bungie posted some details about the returning Iron Banner including the date and time on when it will go live. The developer also took to Twitter to reveal the new Iron Banner armor sets for different classes.

Per Bungie, the event will kick off on Tuesday, October 10 at 2 AM.

PT and will run until the 17th. Players who wish to take part of the shoot fest will have to finish "Destiny 2's" story mode first. It is only then when players can go to the Tower and meet up with Lord Saladin to talk to him. After the quick chit-chat, the Iron Lord will be giving out quests to Guardians for them to obtain Iron Banner tokens and gear.

Just like in the first "Destiny" game, players can compete in both Match Making and Quick Play modes. After playing quite a number of matches on either of those game modes, faithfuls will in return acquire weapons and armor.

As above-mentioned, Bungie released the upcoming event's armor sets for the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock classes and it is without a doubt that the developer really topped it off this time.

However, the weapons that will be rolled out during the event are yet to be revealed by the game maker.

Prestige Raids and a Calus Glitch

Meanwhile, the Prestige Raid will also go live on the 10th at 10 PM PT right after the weekly reset. Players will be getting a message from Calus to join him for another round of raids.

Bungie also seemed to forewarn players that the next raid will be a difficult one as they stated that they are not expecting everyone to be successful in this activity.

They also revealed that there are some mechanical tweaks to the encounters, though these are so subtle that it's almost unnoticeable. Bungie also pointed out that the inbound Prestige Raid aims in mastering a "more punishing sandbox" adding that it does not give a boon to a Guardian's progress within the game mode.

Nevertheless, it will provide players with unique items for them to stand out from the activity.

Players might want to check Bungie's website for the game's future contents including the looming Iron Banner event. In the meantime, check out a video about a Calus glitch below here: