Niantic confirmed in the first week of October that they will be holding a special “Halloween” event for “Pokemon GO” players. The event is scheduled to take place towards the end of this month. The company, however, hasn’t provided any details about what one can expect from the event. According to a report by Tech Radar, Niantic might end up launching newer Pokemon. The Game Developer pulled off something similar to this last year as well. During that time, they launched completely new types of Pokemon. They were the ghost and dark types by nature.

Pokemon GO fans reaction on the Reddit

Pokemon GO” fans took to Reddit to post teasers to what one can expect from this event. They were apparently able to discover information about this matter in the latest update of “Pokemon GO.” According to them, Niantic is planning on launching generation 3 Pokemon for use in the immediate future. If their preparations are ready by the time Halloween arrives then it is obvious that they will unveil them during the event. There are also chances that they might end up delaying or postponing the launch of third-gen Pokemon.

What reports have to say?

The Tech Radar report also notes how Halloween marks the perfect occasion when Raikou, Entei, and Suicune finish their complete rotational cycle.

To recall, Raikou (who is an electric-based Pokemon) had been transferred from America to Asia during the last rotation. The fire-based Entei was transferred from Africa to America. At the same time, the water-based Suicune left Europe to reach for Asia. The same thing is going to take place again where these Pokemon will be reshuffled.

Therefore, readers are advised to note that they might have very little time to capture these Pokemon. Otherwise, they might go missing from their regions in a short span of time. The rotation period will tick off again on October 31. Niantic hasn’t revealed the schedule of the next rotational cycle.

Pokemon GO,” as a game has progressed a lot.

Previously, the platform’s servers used to be extremely unstable. But all that has changed in a span of a year. The game developer, however, believes that there is lot more work to be done on the platform. They brought about significant changes to many factors of the game last summer. The list includes its user interface and Gyms. Niantic plans on adding more to the platform with time. They want to – not only retain the old gamers but attract newer ones.