With Halloween just around the corner, Disney has the perfect idea for its fans. Instead of venturing into spooky nights, why not just go to your local store and stock up on sweets and enjoy two upcoming Disney games on your Xbox One?

October 31st marks the release of two new Disney games for the Xbox One and Windows 10. These two new games include classic Disney characters that have been very popular through the years. The games entitled "Disneyland Adventures" and "Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure" are now both available for pre-order before they officially go to the market later this month.

Disneyland Adventures

According to Comicbook, "Disneyland Adventures" focuses on experiencing the magic of Disneyland in the comfort of your living room, as the title suggested. Be able to explore Disneyland with your children and family all remastered in 4k Resolution.

Be able to say "hi" to Mickey Mouse and the gang, play with the Disney princesses or even battle Captain Hook! Boasting more than 18 attractions, Disney fans can surely enjoy exploring the park alongside their favorite characters throughout the years. The best part is, co-op gaming will soon be available with the upcoming Xbox One port.

'Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure'

Disney and Pixar have made some movies together that have been in the hearts of both Disney and Pixar fans.

Titles such as "Up," "Ratatouile," "Cars," "The Incredible," "Toy Story" and "Finding Dory" have all been fan favorites, and Disney made a game that includes all of them. Solve puzzles alongside your favorite characters and unlock hidden secrets in 4k quality and HDR.

With "Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure," you can interact with the characters and even cooperate in playing to solve challenges and puzzles.

Relive your memories by going on adventures with the characters from "Up", fight super villains alongside the Incredibles family and even race with "Lightning McQueen." The game is filled with familiar characters and new ones and you will definitely enjoy exploring the vast world that Disney and Pixar have created.

So relive your Disney and Pixar memories with these two upcoming games coming this 31st of October.

And if you can’t wait for these games to come out, you can now start pre-ordering these games. Your Halloween will definitely be a fun family activity in 4k quality and HDR courtesy of Disney. Just grab some snacks, and enjoy a one of a kind nostalgia trip down memory lane courtesy of Disney.