The hotly-anticipated sequel to Rockstar Games' hit western-themed action-adventure video game, "Red Dead Redemption" is slated to hit the store shelves in spring 2018.

Despite the lack of an official announcement, all sorts of speculations regarding "RDR2" have been doing rounds on the internet. As if that weren't enough, there are multiple breakdowns and in-depth reviews of the title's confined amount of released footage. This comprises speculations about the characters that are likely to make a return from the original title, "RDR."

Returning characters from 'RDR'

While the official prequel to "Red Dead Redemption" boasts a slew of never-before-seen characters, there is no dearth of popular characters that are making their return from the original title either, according to a report from

John Marston, the original game's protagonist, who traveled across the West putting his adversaries to death will be making a return in "RDR2."

Fans of the original "RDR" game would also be delighted to see the return of Bill Williamson, a ruthless ex-military man who adopts the life of a gunslinger. The fact that he is a little indifferent to reality propelled the character to huge popularity among Red Dead fans. upcoming sequel.

Dutch van der Linde is another returning character. He was one of the main antagonists of the first "RDR" title. According to Red Dead Wikia, he will be a central character in theThis notion is further cemented by Dutch's numerous appearances in "Red Dead Redemption 2" latest trailer.

Other details

There is a possibility that RDR2's new central character, Arthur Morgan will eventually join Dutch's notorious gang. A myriad of other details that fans might have missed in the new trailer has been pointed out by DailyStar.

  • The horse taming mechanic from the original title might make a return
  • The story is likely to center on female characters that are not part of the gang
  • NPCs will offer side quests
  • Bow and arrows will be usable weapons in "RDR2"
  • Character customization might make a return from "GTA 5"
  • Missions are likely to feature enormous setpieces
  • The sequel will be entitled "Red Dead Redemption II," not 2
  • A younger John Marston might make an appearance
  • The story will primarily center on retaliation for wrong

More details are likely to surface online sooner rather than later. Stay tuned in here for more "RDR2" related news and updates.