With its recent release on PC, “Destiny 2” is now officially available to all platforms. In other words, players using PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One can now enjoy the hit multi-shooter title from Bungie. Interestingly, the game’s file has been data mined, which yielded significant finds that have excited players. The data miner dug through 26,000 audio files of the game and uncovered details about the upcoming content in the game. This includes several hints on the potential return of the Warlock Osiris as a non-playable character to the Tower.

Latest data mine

On Reddit, a user named TheEcumene shared his latest finds after his data mining activity on the files of “Destiny 2.” Currently, the community has a general anticipation that Osiris will have a major role in the first major downloadable content of the game. In the game’s lore, the Warlock was the person concealed behind the Trials of Osiris mode. He was banished from the Tower and pursued wisdom of the Vex. Interestingly, according to the latest data mined audio files, the Warlock might be returning to the Tower.

Details of the audio files

One of the audio files uncovered by TheEcumence reveals the voice line from Lord Shaxx, which appears to be saying that the rumors are true that Osiris has come back.

Although it is possible that the Warlock could stay outside of the Tower in a different Social Space, it is possible that he will be the primary non-playable character and giver of the quest of the upcoming DLC.

Another audio file of Lord Shaxx reveals the character’s indifference towards the Warlock. He can be heard saying that Osiris is dangerous.

He further said that he doesn’t care about what Osiris says or what fool adventure he has led the player on. Another file unveils Shaxx saying to remember that Ikora was the one who restored the order of the Warlock after Osiris was banished. The Warlock abandoned the city and was shaped by Ikora. It appears that these audio files are casting Osiris in a negative light.

Aside from the possibility of the Warlock Osiris returning to the Tower as an NPC, there are other audio files that reveal other potential contents of the game. This includes the discovery of files that could be hinting about New Patrol Zones in the shared multi-shooter title. Two faction leaders have six audio files each, making reference to the Phobos, which could be a potential patrol location in the future content of “Destiny 2.”