niantic labs will be tweaking the Ex Raids in “Pokemon Go” based on the feedback of its players. A few months ago, during the Anniversary celebration of the popular augmented title, it introduced the Legendaries. Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos became available for players to catch. The birds stayed in the game for a while and were instrumental in pulling back players who had lost interest in playing. Legendary Raids became a favorite among players.

In preparation for the release of the most powerful Legendary creature, Niantic Labs made the Ex Raid to introduce Mewtwo.

After field testing, it appears that the developer will do something based on what the players’ want.

New announcement

On its official Twitter account, Niantic Support announced that they would be making several changes for sending EX Raids invitations to “Pokemon Go” players. The distribution will now be sent through the feedback suggested by players. The official account further thanked the community for their valuable feedback. Currently, it is still unclear how exactly the invitation will be sent. However, in several social media outfits, players have been vocal as to how they want to receive the invitation.

Some players suggested that invitations should be sent out at a much better time.

This means that they prefer not to play the exclusive raid during the week since most of them go to work or to school. There are also those who are angry with the frequency for which the passes are sent out. Some players said that despite having met all the requirements for getting a pass, they have not yet received any invitation until now.

Furthermore, there are players who are suggesting that the invite-only system be removed as they believe it only promotes division among players.

Other details

For those who are not familiar, EX Raids are the exclusive type of raid in the popular augmented reality game that only those who have invitations are allowed to participate.

These invites or invitations are randomly sent to players who have completed a non-EX Raid in the past in the location where the exclusive raid will be held. So far, this is the only way in the game where players can fight and capture the powerful Legendary—Mewtwo.

Halloween event

Meanwhile, the Halloween event is currently live in the popular augmented reality game. During this event, several Gen 3 pocket monsters like Sableye and Banette are featured that players can capture. This new event in “Pokemon Go” will run until November 2nd. During the event, Spooky creatures such as Gastly, Drowzee, and Cubone are expected to spawn more frequently.