Destiny 2” was well received by fans when it was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So far, players are enjoying the second game installment from Bungie while looking forward to upcoming contents promised to be released soon. However, like other games today, there are several issues that players encountered in the shared multi-shooter title. One of them is the Chest Lockout bug, which Bungie assured fans, will be fixed in the future update.

Incoming fix

In their official weekly update, the game developer has confirmed that the latest issue reported by players concerning the Chest Lockout on “Destiny 2” is not intentional.

According to Bungie, they are currently working on a fix. The developer has not revealed when the issue will be resolved. Players can heave a sigh of relief, for now, knowing that the engineers are already looking into the problem.

Chest Lockout bug

Players observed the issue with the game’s loot chest several days ago. This bug restricts the Loot Chests from dropping rewards. This has been observed happening to players who were able to collect many loot chests in a short period. Some believe that this is the game’s automatic lockout to prevent players from quickly farming resources. Interestingly, the bug is not isolated to the loot chest as several players reported it has affected the chests in Cayde’s Stash and Lost Sector as well.

The game developer acknowledged that the chest lockout is the expected result of too many chests opened in a short span of time. However, it should not affect the chests in the Lost Sector and Cayde’s Stash. These chests are tough to unlock and require expensive treasure maps and a significant amount of effort.

Other details

So far, it is still not clear why Bungie introduced the Chest Lockout in the game.

Most definitely, this is to control the farming methods that players skillfully use in the game. It appears that the developer does not want players to earn the gear quickly as chest drops include Tokens. These Tokens can be used to unlock gears. However, with the developer’s focus on limiting the players’ progress, it resulted in a different problem in the game.

For players who would like to avoid Chest Lockout, complete a Public Event first and open the chest. This must be done before collecting the chest in Cayde’s Stash or Lost Sector. While this is not an ideal way, it is a better alternative than not being able to open the chests.

The console version of “Destiny 2” is already available. Meanwhile, the game’s PC version is scheduled to release on October 24.