Elder Scrolls 6” is a highly speculated sequel to the phenomenal and multi-awarded open-world action role-playing game, “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” The gaming community has been expecting the follow-up to the 2011 epic fantasy saga to come to fruition for long awhile now.

Over the past six years, gamers have heard about clues and leaks indicating possible release of “Elder Scrolls 6, ” but still, the official confirmation has to come yet from the game developer. Apparently, Bethesda Softworks announced new projects earlier this year but none of these include the long-awaited title.

Fans demand TES 6

Fans have been flooding the game's official forum, Q&As, and the social media with questions as to when they’d see a proper TES game. They demand that Bethesda should make the sequel they have been wanting for so long.

Because of this, Bethesda’s vice president of PR and Marketing Pete Hines broke his silence in a recent interview with Games Radar. According to Hines, it has been pretty common that fans incessantly ask about the “Skyrim” sequel, again and again, each time the company announces new games.

What Hines is saying

Hines revealed that he usually runs into same questions regarding the development of TES 6 unless it is about an exact thing that they ask him about. “We’re aware of it, but we’re not going to let it define what we do,” the company’s VP added as saying.

He further stated that he even went to talk with Todd Howard two years ago and ask if he could help him on how to address fans’ questions regarding the studio’s path related to the franchise or when the next title is coming, and importantly, how to manage their expectations.

Team wants to stretch legs

However, Hines went on to reiterate his previous statement to address fans’ demand for the game.

According to Bethesda’s Marketing executive, the game developer is not like vending machines that when pressed for a soda, it simply comes out.

On the contrary, members of the team expressed their desire to “stretch their legs” creatively, try out something else entirely, or work on a new IP project. Bethesda does not want to feel trapped in the same pattern.

He mentioned that while the company is aware how fans wanted “The Elder Scrolls 6,” it has to focus on their current projects in order deliver the best out of these games at the moment.

Survival Mode

At present, Bethesda is developing a new Survival mode that will be available in the Creation Club store on October 28. The new mode is free for a one-week trial, however, it is priced at $8 if fans want to keep and use it.

The "Skyrim" Special Edition will see the addition of new gameplay features in the new Survival Mode. In the new mode, the land that players travel around in the game will turn into a frigid cold wilderness. It will also add Fatigue and Hunger that decrease the stamina and the ability to wield weapons. There is also food poisoning when one gets to eat uncooked meat.

The studio is currently working on the re-release of “Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim” on the Nintendo Switch slated for November 17.