The Nintendo Switch is a useful game console that allows fans to play both on the big screen or on-the-go. Since its initial launch earlier this year, many fans and critics have praised the hybrid console for its unique concept. That said, the Switch is slowly getting more games from third-party developers. In line with this, there was a recent leak with the “Crash Bandicoot” game coming to the Switch, but it seems like it might not be true at all.


According to, there was a recent “leak” that hinted “Crash Bandicoot” was going to be ported over to the Nintendo Switch.

The famous Keymailer website labeled the said game under the Nintendo Switch which caught the attention of many fans. However, it seems like everything was just a big mistake on the website’s end as they clarified the issue. Talking to Reddit, the co-founder of Keymailer explained that they incorrectly tagged the game when they imported the upcoming releases.

“Apologies on behalf of the company for any disappointment on this,” said the founder, “as a Switch owner and a fan of 'Crash Bandicoot,' I would have been as excited to play this.” In spite of this, there have been other various rumors suggesting that “Crash Bandicoot” is only a timed exclusive. Another leak showed images of the game running with a menu screen that had Xbox One button commands.

If the game might get ported over to the Xbox One, then there might be some hope for the Nintendo Switch in the near future. For now, fans will just have to keep waiting for further news.

Other titles

That aside, there are still a good amount of quality games coming to the hybrid console later this year. Firstly, “Fire Emblem Warriors” is releasing in two days.

This Musou crossover game stars various iconic heroes from the “Fire Emblem” series for another grand adventure. Following this, “Super Mario Odyssey” is slated to release this Oct. 27 and will follow Mario on another mission to save Peach from getting married to Bowser. The game will feature various sandbox worlds and different Power Moons that will power up Mario’s ship.

November is also an important month for the console as major games like “DOOM,” “L.A. Noire,” and “Skyrim” will be released. Finally, “Xenoblade Chronicles 2” is slated to release on Dec. 1 and it is a direct sequel to the game on the Wii. Nintendo hasn't shared their plans for 2018, but they’ve confirmed a new “Pokemon” and “Metroid” game for the Switch.