The Nintendo Switch has become quite the popular console since it launched earlier this year. This nifty hybrid console allows players to dock the unit so they can play on the TV. Alternatively, they can use the tablet mode to play on-the-go. Nintendo has seemingly learned from their Wii IU mistakes, hence the Switch’s rising success. They’re also attracting more game developers to work with them, as plenty of third-Party Games will be ported over next month.

Tons of third-party games

According to GameSpot, the Switch will be getting a slew of major titles next month.

These mature AAA games will be available within the space of a single week. Firstly, the brutal first-person shooter, “DOOM,” launches on Nov. 11. In the following week, fans can pick up the “L.A. Noire” remaster on Nov. 14. Three days after this, the highly-anticipated “Skyrim” will finally be playable on the Nintendo Switch. Aside from these big titles, “Resident Evil Revelations" 1 and 2 will release in the same month on Nov. 28.

That said, Nintendo also has some major titles for the Switch. “Super Mario Odyssey” is slated to arrive on October 27. This game follows Mario on a new journey to save Princess Peach from being forced to marry Bowser. Later in December, Nintendo will launch “Xenoblade Chronicles 2” which is a direct sequel to the Wii game.

Players will take on the role of Rex, a young man who stumbles across a mysterious woman named Pyra. He decides to bring her to the mythical land of Elysium where she claims is her home. Other games like “Metroid” and “Pokemon” are currently in development with no announced release date as of now.

eShop update

In other news, Nintendo has been remodeling the Switch’s eShop, as per Polygon.

There’s now a small update that informs players about sales. Despite the seemingly minor change, it reflects how Nintendo is slowly adapting with its hybrid console. While Nintendo games hardly go on sale, it seems like they’re trying to cater and expand to their customer’s needs.

There are only a few games on sale right now, but maybe Nintendo might include more games on the said tab in the near future.

Since the company is Slowly Adapting to these new business changes, there could be a chance that they might put their major titles on sale in the future. Nonetheless, the Nintendo Switch is still missing some important features, like a web browser, streaming apps, and the highly-requested virtual console.