clash royale,” the massively popular real-time online game developed by Supercell, is all but set to introduce a new card into the game, the Mega Knight. The stats of the Mega Knight hint that it’s going to be one of the most powerful cards in the game which lead gamers to speculate that the newest card could potentially change how the game is being played at the moment.

Can the Mega Knight shift the prevailing meta?

Mega Knight is a Legendary Card that can be unlocked from the Hog Mountain or Arena 10, or from a Legendary Chest. Among the Legendary Cards, the Mega Knight has the most number of hitpoints and is tied with the Lava Hound as the most expensive Legendary Card.

The Mega Knight is a troop-type, melee-type card that targets both ground troops and buildings. It deals area damage to melee troops, deals spawn damage like the Electro Wizard and deals impact damage like the Bandit.

This latest Legendary Card is considered a tank due to its high hit points. But with an ability like the Bandit, it is going to be useful for pushing. While it will take 7 Elixir to summon the Mega Knight, the fact that it’s almost as tough as the Golem makes it a far more ideal card because it is slightly quicker.

Also, the fact that the Mega Knight has splash damage means that it can be deployed in the midst of those pesky Goblins and Skeleton Army and beat them down in one go.

It also has similarities with the Dark Prince. As with the Dark Prince and the Bandit, the latest Legendary Card has dash ability and deals damage once it comes into contact with the troop or the structure.

The arrival of the Mega Knight could potentially change how the game is being played at the moment. The last Legendary Card to have a huge impact in the game was the Night Witch.

The Night Witch combines a ground-based attack with an air attack by spawning Bats. And with the Mega Knight’s statistics, even at Tournament Level, the newest Legendary Card is bound to shift how gamers play the game.

Mega Knight release date; two more cards in the lineup

The Mega Knight is reportedly going to be released on September 8, 2017.

The other two cards that will reportedly follow after the release of this latest Legendary Card are Flying Machine and Skeleton Barrel.

The Flying Machine is a Rare Card that will cost 4 Elixir to spawn. Having a 6-tile attack range, the Flying machine can be used as a support for tanks and can ideally be deployed for killing defensive structures such as the Inferno Towers. The Flying Machine deals as much damage as the Baby Dragon.

The Skeleton Barrel is a Common Card that is fairly similar to the Battle Ram. The Skeleton Barrel, when destroyed spawns 8 Skeletons while the Battle Ram, of course, spawns Barbarians when destroyed. The Skeleton Barrel will cost 3 Elixir to deploy, and its movement is almost the same as the Balloons.

What’s next for ‘Clash Royale?’

While the August update for “Clash Royale” has been great for its players, reports suggest that “Clash Royale” is going to have an even bigger September update. The aforementioned Mega Knight, Flying Machine, and Skeleton Barrel are all seemingly just the tip of the iceberg.

The fan-favorite game mode, the 2v2 mode, is reportedly going to stay until the end of the year. The team from “Clash Royale” will continue to make in-game improvements which would bring more balancing updates on the horizon. Also, the three cards mentioned above are eyed for a September release.

That said, fans of “Clash Royale” can rest assured that the game will continue to be more exciting than ever. Stay tuned for more “Clash Royale” and “Clash of Clans” updates.